Top 10 Elements of Retro Style 80’s Fashion: A Revival Guide

The Re-emergence of Retro Style 80’s Fashion

The audacious and vibrant trends of retro style 80’s fashion have made a robust re-entry in recent years. The reason behind this resurgence is simple – the 80s were a time of fearless style experimentation, a trait that aligns perfectly with today’s daring fashion scenarios.

Grasping the Core of 80’s Fashion

The era of the 1980s was characterized by its brave sartorial choices, from women’s power suits to punk rock vibes. The 80s retro style was far from muted, celebrating uniqueness and breaking away from the norm. This led to an array of eclectic and impactful trends.

Decoding the Signature Elements of 80’s Fashion

To authentically capture the spirit of retro style 80’s fashion, it’s crucial to grasp its signature elements:

1. Daring Prints and Patterns: The 80s were about making a statement, often via bold prints and patterns. Picture geometric designs, animal prints, and abstract motifs, all in dazzling colors.

2. Exaggerated Silhouettes: From oversized jackets to baggy jeans and prominent shoulder pads, the 80s aesthetic was all about volume. This trend significantly contributed to promoting comfort and practicality in fashion.

3. Neon Colors: A surge of neon colors marked the 80s fashion scene. These vivid shades epitomized the decade’s lively and energetic spirit.

4. Denim: Denim dominated the 80s wardrobe in the form of jackets, jeans, or even all-denim outfits. This fabric was the king of the decade.

retro style 80's fashion

The Role of Pop Culture in Shaping 80’s Fashion

Pop culture had a substantial impact on defining retro style 80’s fashion. Renowned pop icons like Madonna and Michael Jackson were trendsetters of their time. Besides music, movies and TV shows also significantly molded the fashion trends of the era.

Merging 80’s Fashion with Your Contemporary Wardrobe

While some might argue that certain aspects of retro style 80’s fashion should remain in the past, there are smart ways to blend these trends into your modern wardrobe without looking out-of-date:

1. Blend Old with New: Achieve a harmonious look by pairing modern pieces with vintage items. For instance, match an oversized vintage blazer with skinny jeans or layer a neon t-shirt under a refined leather jacket.

2. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Accessories can bring a hint of 80s charm to any outfit. Consider chunky jewelry, oversized sunglasses, and broad belts.

3. Play with Hair and Makeup: Go for bold eyeshadow colors, high side ponytails, and bright lipsticks to round off your 80s look.


The era of retro style 80’s fashion was marked by bold experiments and a departure from the conventional. Today, as we witness a revival of these trends, it’s evident that the 80s fashion influence extends far beyond its decade. By grasping the central elements of this era and weaving them into your style, you can embody the audacious spirit of 80s fashion. Learn more about the key features of timeless vintage urban style unfolding fashion chronicle.

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