The Ultimate Examination of Tenaya Mastia Climbing Shoes – Detailed Review


Being a rock-climbing enthusiast, stumbling upon the right pair of climbing shoes can make or break your performance. Having your feet firmly planted on the rock or any unpredictable surface is crucial. Tenaya, a leading name in the production of climbing shoes, has stepped its game up with the introduction of the Tenaya Mastia.

Exploring Tenaya as a Brand

Tenaya, a Spanish sports shoe brand, has been producing top quality climbing shoes for over two decades. Known for their refined craftsmanship and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, Tenaya’s products promise durability, comfort, and top-notch performance, and the Tenaya Mastia is no exception.

Tenaya Mastia: Unveiling Superiority in Every Stitch

The Tenaya Mastia is a high-end, aggressive climbing shoe that sets the bar high with its innovative features. An embodiment of optimal performance and comfort, the Mastia is designed for steep sport climbing, bouldering, and overhanging routes.

Design and Construction

From the outside, the Tenaya Mastia seem like any other climbing shoe, but it’s their construction which makes them stand out. They are charcterized by a downturn, asymmetric build that targets a secure and snug fit for high-precision climbing. Constructed with synthetic and microfiber material, the shoes are light, resistant, and designed to fit like a glove. The bellows tongue works with the Mastia’s flexible material to maximize responsiveness and permit a greater range of movement.

Lacing System

The hallmark of Tenaya’s Mastia is their lace-up closure, giving climbers the liberty to decide their optimal level of tightness. The quick and efficient lacing system coupled with an aggressively downturned toe gives you the precision and control you need on the rock.

Rubber Sole: Guarantor of Unmatched Grip

An essential feature of climbing shoes is the rubber sole, and in this case, Tenaya has been nothing short of inventive. The brand uses Vibram XS Grip rubber that is extra sticky and durable, increasing grip strength, and paving the way for technical and complex climbs. The underfoot also boasts added rubber for heel-hooking and toe scumming.

Perfected Fit and Comfort

The Mastia promises a comfortable fit without compromising on performance. The lined tongue and upper provide a smooth and comfortable feel, while the double layered toe-box increases the shoe’s lifespan. The Draxtor tightening system found at the midfoot supports enhanced control and precision.

Field and Rock Test: Mastia in Action

The Mastia translates its superior design to an equally impressive performance on the wall. Its impressive Vibram XS Grip rubber sole and added rubber in the heel and toe ensure a sturdy grip and facilitate a range of bold movements.

Efficiency on Vertical and Overhanging Routes

The Mastia shines on vertical and overhanging routes, thanks to its stunning edging power. The shoes majorly impress climbers with their power transfer and sensitivity on smaller footholds.

Crack Climbing and Smearing

The Mastia has proven to be fairly dependable for crack climbing as well. While they might not be the best-involved jams due to their downturned shape, they do provide adequate comfort and durability. The shoes also perform well in smearing, they stick to the wall like a second skin, allowing climbers a improved control on slopping terrain.


To wrap up, the Tenaya Mastia has cemented its place as a favored all-rounder in the world of climbing shoes. The combination of functionality, comfort, and durability make the Mastia an attractive option for climbers of all levels. Its top-notch performance on a variety of terrains, impeccable edging, and superior rubber sole place the Tenaya Mastia amongst the must-haves for every serious climbing enthusiast.

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